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Now that we want to be eco-friendly, it is best to start with our shaving practices. If you've been building your bathroom accessories, soaps, and even bathmats to be eco-friendly, why not do that with your shaving routine? Of course, we don't mean to push shaving down everyone's throats because we understand that it's a matter of choice. While some prefer not to shave (which we respect), others too prefer shaving and regularly at that, which we support by providing you with eco-friendly options.

The modern shaving patterns include plastic infused with a razor which can get a little hard when you'd like not to contribute to pollution. We advise going back to the double razor. Since it's not infused in plastic, it is easy to recycle. You also don't need to replace these too often because that solely depends on your shaving frequency and hair type. Approximately 2 billion plastic cartridges are thrown away and burned or buried in the environment. These double razors are easier to recycle compared to plastic-embedded single-use razors.

However, if you find it hard to store these razors altogether for recycling purposes, we also have a razor blade disposal tin where you can store all your razors until they're full and then recycle them. A razor blade disposal tin fits discreetly into any bathroom, and you can carry it in your bag when travelling. It holds upto 100 blades, and once it's full, you can tape it up and put it in your metal recycling bin. If you don't want to throw the tin away, you can remove the bottom, empty it, and reuse it. However, for safety reasons, we don't recommend doing so.

If you find your hair too hard to deal with when shaving, you can use a shaving brush to soften the hairs, lifting them from the skin and enabling the best shaving experience. A shaving brush can be vegan and cruelty-free, and that's what we offer. These vegan bristles can be nicely paired with vegan and eco-friendly soap. Brushing your hair in clockwise and anticlockwise directions helps scrub away dust, dirt, and dead skin cells. They also help lather your eco-friendly natural soap for the best shaving experience. Using a shaving brush also helps prevent ingrown hairs.

If you travel often, it cannot be easy to keep your body hair-free while still being mindful of the environment, and that's why a hessian travel bag is necessary for all travelers. This hessian bag stores your soap, shaving brush, and razor in one place. It will ensure that you always carry your eco-friendly shaving experience with you. This bag is eco-friendly, so you don't have to worry about plastic or non recyclable material.

If you have a razor, we advise one that isn't plastic. You will need a safety razor holder stand. You can find razor stands made of recycled material and others made of natural materials like bamboo. This stand helps you clean your razor and protect it during your travels. It also keeps the razor upright to prevent the blade from blunting. The razor stands are eco-friendly too.

Alternatively, you can get your blade a recyclable blade shield. The shield is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and keeps your razor upright, preventing it from being blunt. This shield also keeps it from causing accidental cuts.

Eco-friendly razors and accessories

Shaving is an age-old practice that most people still want to do. Here, you can find accessories to ensure your shaving experience remains eco-friendly. These items, such as razors, shaving brushes, blade shields, hessian bags, and others, are eco-friendly since they can be recycled. You can easily make your shaving experience more eco-friendly by using a cruelty-free soap. We realize that going back to traditional items makes shaving more eco-friendly, and these razors and accessories make your experience easier and better.

23 products

Products (23)