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A baby balm is the most important thing a mother can keep with her at all times. Natural baby balms come in handy when you're handling a baby. From chapped lips to nappy rash, insect bites, to dry skin, a baby balm comes in handy in such situations. The kind of baby balm you use is very important because that balm will be used a lot between you and the baby. Baby skin is very sensitive, and you'll also need a lot of nipple care when breastfeeding. Using an excellent natural baby balm will come in handy.

For a mother, nothing can be worse than a cranky baby. Most times, you'll find that their crankiness is due to a nappy rash, dry skin, cradle crap, or other irritations on the skin. These issues happen to newborns and even kids upto the age of five. Newborns, especially, are prone to dry skin. And irritation. You'll need a good balm free of toxins, chemicals like parabens, and added fragrances to treat such problems. Instead of helping your baby, these added harsh ingredients can lead to more problems than good. Baby skin is susceptible, and contact with harsh ingredients leads to irritation, dryness, and skin reactions you don't want to go through. A baby's skin loses moisture quickly compared to an adult's hence why there's increased dryness in baby skin.

Breastfeeding mothers also go through cracks on their nipples which can be very painful. With the help of natural nipple salves, mothers get very gentle moisturizers for their nipples that won't leave residues of toxins and chemicals behind for the baby to consume. The mother will also get enough moisture to keep the pain away and lock moisture into the skin. The ingredients used on nipple salves are organic, not tested on animals, palm oil free, handmade, and ethically harvested. They come in recyclable metal tins.

Natural oil-based baby balms and nipple salves for mothers contain natural ingredients and are free from fragrances, oxides, and preservatives to ensure mildness and safety. These balms lock in moisture and keep it that way for long periods of time. Consistent use of these natural salves and balms prevents blistering and chaffed skin. These products create a barrier that prevents the skin from rubbing on each other and becoming sore. They are an effective way to prevent inconvenient skin problems. The natural ingredients used in these natural salves and balms are naturally soothing and reduce inflammation in the skin. This is a great way to minimise the nightmare of inflamed skin causing mother and baby to suffer for long.

The ingredients are also ethically sourced, meaning that no person was harmed in the making, nor was the environment. Since they're also organic, it means that there weren't any chemicals such as pesticides used to grow the ingredients in these salves and balms; hence the natural ecosystems weren't tampered with for you to get these great products. The ingredients are also not tested on animals. Sustainability is vital, and we ensure that you find only sustainable and eco-friendly products that are good for the mother and baby and the environment.

Organic and eco-friendly baby balms

Browse a wide range of natural and organic baby balms to soothe your skin and the baby. These balms ensure that your baby's skin and yours remain supple and soft by increasing moisture on the skin and preventing too much friction, which often results in irritation. These eco-friendly baby balms come packaged in recycled materials, which is a plus for the environment. It also keeps you away from plastic materials that often contain harmful microplastics like BPA, and since they don't get recycled, they end up in landfills and in oceans, harming marine life.

10 products

Products (10)