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Natural Shampoo Bars That Are Kind To Our Planet

Natural shampoo bars are wonderful! They are healthier for you and your hair in comparison to commercial shampoos, and are also a lot kinder to our planet. Natural shampoo bars are made with all sorts of amazing, vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free and natural ingredients, that are soft and gentle to your hair.

The key difference between commercial shampoos and natural shampoo bars is that they are solid and do not come in plastic bottles! Research shows that the UK throws away around 520 million plastic shampoo bottles every year, with only a very small percentage actually being able to be recycled. The rest is either incinerated, but the majority end up in landfills or the environment around us.

This is damaging to our planet, our oceans and wildlife as plastic is harmful to animals. Not only that but when plastic biodegrades which takes years and years, it breaks down into microplastics! Microplastics then work their way into waterways, which can be harmful to aquatic life.

Natural shampoo bars contain some great vegan and natural ingredients such as rosemary; which helps with hair growth, olive oil; which helps moisturise the hair, cocoa butter; which is naturally calming and relaxing, rose geranium; which helps balance the scalps natural PH, and even coconut milk; which helps soften and leaves hair feeling smooth.

At Peace With The Wild, you can discover our range of natural shampoo bars that are all natural, vegan and handmade with the finest ingredients. Shop eco, zero waste, plastic free, vegan, natural shampoo bars that are scented with natural essential oils that smell divine, from eco brands such as Bain & Savon, Primal Suds, Hatton, Zero Waste Path and Wild Sage & Co.

Natural Shampoo Bars Made With Vegan Ingredients

Discover our range of natural shampoo bars that are all handmade with vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients. All supplied in plastic free, eco-friendly packaging that can either be reused or recycled to help minimise waste and help reduce plastic pollution. Natural shampoo bars are a great, eco, plastic free, zero waste alternative to commercial shampoos. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to natural shampoo bars that are kind to your hair and our planet!

39 products

Products (39)