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Vegan Face Scrubs Made With Natural Ingredients

Vegan face scrubs can be overlooked and seen as an optional step when it comes to a natural skincare routine. However using a vegan face scrub is actually very important and beneficial to our skin. For minimal effort using a vegan face scrub made with natural ingredients can actually be quite rewarding!

If you are seeking smooth, soft, glowing, revitalised skin that doesn't just just look healthy it feels it too then our hand-picked collection of natural, vegan face scrubs are perfect!

One benefit of using a vegan face scrub that they are great at removing dead skin cells and targeting block pores! They also rehydrating and improve skin tone and texture!

With our busy schedules we can get tried and that includes our skin, especially our face as that is exposed 24/7. If you are wanting to nourish your face so it looks less tired and stressed you could opt for a vegan face scrub that contains vitamin c. Vitamin c in a natural, vegan face scrub is kind, and gently polishes the skin, leaving it brighter and clearer.

We also have an amazing selection of eco friendly, vegan face scrubs by UpCircle that are made with coffee grounds! Coffee grounds act as gentle exfoliate that reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation and reduces puffiness. UpCircles vegan face scrubs also contain natural ingredients such as orange and lemon verbena oil which works as an antiseptic, reducing redness, and tones the skin.

We also stock vegan face scrubs that are made with chamomile, rosemary oil, shea butter, ground oats and coconut milk! All 100% natural, sustainable and full of natural healing and soothing properties.

At Peace With The Wild, our vegan face scrubs are supplied in eco friendly glass jars, sustainable bamboo jars and even plastic free aluminium tubes. All sent in eco friendly packaging that can be recycled! Healthy, radiant, nourished skin doesn't have to cost the earth.

Vegan Face Scrubs For A Natural Complexion

Discover our range of vegan face scrubs all made with vegan, cruelty free, 100% natural ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Exfoliating your skin is an essential step when it comes to a natural skincare regime in order for your face to glow and feel great. Our vegan face scrubs will leave you skin feeling smooth, soft and revitalised ready to take on the day! They are also all supplied in eco friendly, plastic free packaging which means they are sustainable and kind to our planet. Exfoliate your skin the eco way with our natural, vegan face scrubs.

9 products

Products (9)