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Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Eco friendly lunch boxes are perfect for lunch on-the-go! Depending on your schedule and busy life eco friendly lunch boxes are not only great for lunch they are also great for breakfast or even your evening meal.

What's great about eco friendly lunch boxes is that they are washable and reusable. Say goodbye to plastic bags and disposable containers and opt for a more zero waste approach.

Ideal for camping or when travelling, eco friendly lunch boxes are durable and made to last. Made using sustainable materials that are natural and toxic free! You can even use your eco friendly lunch boxes to store your fresh food in the fridge or even dried foods, the possibilities are endless.

Eco friendly lunch boxes are a sustainable and cost effective solution to buying premade sandwiches and lunches while out and about. Many ready made snacks and meals are packaged in plastic which is not always recyclable. Plastic can take hundreds of years to biodegrade and when it does, it releases microplastics which can work their way into waterways, polluting the environment and exposing marine life to harm.

However there is an eco-friendly, plastic free and sustainable solution! Did you know eco-friendly lunch boxes that are plastic free and made from stainless steel can be recycled! Another eco-friendly, sustainable material is recycled rice husk which is biodegradable, kinder to our planet and a healthier alternative to plastic products. At Peace With The Wild, we stock eco friendly lunch boxes that are made with you and our planet in mind. Shop eco brands such as A Slice Of Green, Huski Home, Nought, Nature & My, and Qwetch. All supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused, so you can live sustainably and as eco-friendly as possible!

Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes That Are Plastic Free

Discover our huge range of eco friendly lunch boxes that are made using plastic free and sustainable materials such as stainless steel, recycled rice husk and even bamboo. Eco friendly lunch boxes are the perfect reusable, zero waste alternative that is durable and washable. Shop eco lunch boxes that are supplied in plastic free packaging, by eco brands such as A Slice Of Green, Huski Home and many more.

60 products

Products (60)