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Eco, Zero Waste Alternatives For Plastic-Free Washing Up

Transform the way you wash your dishes with an eco-friendly, plastic-free washing up routine! When it comes to being more eco conscious and making changes for zero waste living it is key that our kitchen gets the same amount of thought.

One place in particular is the kitchen sink! Conventional and commercial products are manufactured with so much plastic and a lot of it is unnecessary. Just because something is shiny and plastic doesn't mean it is more effective either. At Peace With The Wild, we stock natural, zero waste, plastic-free washing up products that are super effective at cleaning and also eco-friendly.

Did you know? Plastic kitchen products take years to degrade! One of the worst offenders is plastic bottles that are used for washing up liquid. They take around 500 years to biodegrade, with not all being recycled they end up in landfill, polluting the environment around us. It's simple, just swap to eco, plastic-free washing up and use a natural dish soap that is plastic free, zero waste and chemical free.

Another amazing plastic-free washing up swap is replacing plastic sponges with eco cleaning cloths and eco dish sponges that are reusable. Opting for coconut scourers, loofah cleaning pads and even natural, eco dish brushes will help reduce your plastic consumption and carbon footprint.

Eco, plastic-free washing up doesn't just help you say goodbye to plastic. Eco-friendly, plastic-free washing up products are also far more natural and sustainable! Instead of being made with synthetic additives, detergents, fragrances, and toxic ingredients and materials they are made with natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients that are effective at leaving dishes sparkling but also kind when in contact with the skin and our planet. They also use ethically and sustainably sourced materials that are made from renewable resources and natural origins that do not pollute the environment or release toxins when they biodegrade.

At Peace With The Wild, all our eco, plastic-free washing up products are made with you and our planet in mind, with only natural, vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly and plastic free ingredients and materials. All are hand picked for their eco credentials so you can say goodbye to plastic and transform your eco kitchen with our plastic-free washing up essentials!

Plastic-Free Washing Up The Eco-Friendly Way

Discover our range of plastic-free washing up products that are made with eco-friendly, plastic free, and sustainable materials, and natural, vegan, chemical free ingredients. Supplied in eco, plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused! With amazing sustainable, eco-friendly, zero waste alternatives plastic-free washing up has never been easier! Shop eco, plastic-free brands Eco Living, Loofco, Marley's Monsters, Planet Detox, and more...

82 products

Products (82)