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Reusable Period Pants That Are Kind To Our Planet

Reusable period pants are an amazingly effective eco-friendly menstrual product that is eco, sustainable, it is also great for reducing plastic and becoming more plastic-free! They are better for the environment and are a much healthier choice in comparison to traditional and commercial products out there.

Reusable period pants can be used time and time again, just simply wash them and leave to air dry!

Sustainable, eco, reusable period pants are not just kind to our plant they are also gentle on your skin. At Peace With The Wild, our range of Wuka reusable period pants are all made from soft, breathable, moisture wicking, luxurious Lenzing ® MicroModal fabric. Wuka reusable period pants also contain high anti bacterial properties!

Did you know? Most feminine hygiene products are disposable and are not recyclable. Research shows that around 700,000 panty liners, 2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million sanitary towels are flushed down the toilet every day in the UK. This is a lot of waste and shows how important that if we can, opting for more sustainable and reusable options such as eco, reusable period pants are better for everyone.

At Peace With The Wild, you can browse our hand-picked, sustainable collection of eco, reusable period pants that are made from vegan, eco materials such as natural cotton. Our eco-friendly, reusable period pants are also reusable and washable, and are supplied in plastic-free, recyclable packaging!

Reusable Period Pants That Are Eco

Discover our range of reusable period pants that are made using eco, vegan and sustainable fabric that is breathable, luxurious and moisture wicking. Shop reusable period pants by eco brand Wuka in a selection of styles and sizes. They are also supplied in plastic free, eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled. Wuka, reusable period pants are also vegan approved by the vegan society.

11 products

Products (11)