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Maintain Healthy Teeth And Gums With An Eco Kids Toothbrush

An eco kids toothbrush is a super sustainable swap and is a great way for little ones to be more eco friendly! An eco kids toothbrush is an essential part of a child's natural dental care routine. Opting for an eco kids toothbrush that is plastic-free is one of the easiest ways of reducing your use of plastic and helping reduce your carbon footprint! Making the switch has amazing environmentally friendly benefits for the environment around us.

Unlike eco kids toothbrushes, commercial toothbrushes are one of the worst polluters when it comes to plastic! Did you know plastic toothbrushes take hundreds of years to biodegrade, and when they do, they break down into microplastics which can be harmful to the environment and wildlife. They also fill up landfills and put extra strain on our planet. When you think of how many toothbrushes are discarded every day you can see how plastic becomes a problem.

In the UK we throw away some 264 million toothbrushes every year and in the US this number rises to some 1 billion in the US. The number of toothbrushes being made and thrown away each year has grown steadily since the very first one was made back in the 1930s.

In order to be more sustainable and kinder to our planet, opting for plastic free, eco-friendly options such as an eco kids toothbrush is a step in the right direction. At Peace With The Wild, we stock a fantastic range of biodegradable and recyclable, eco kids toothbrushes that are effective at maintaining healthy teeth and gums. When used with a plastic free, natural toothpaste you have a winning formula for an eco friendly, natural dental care routine.

All our eco kids toothbrushes are made with biodegradable handles that are all made from natural beech wood or sustainable bamboo. Being eco friendly doesn't have to be boring either... at Peace With The Wild you can shop eco kids toothbrushes with fun designs such as rabbit and fox eco kids toothbrushes by Eco Living, or in bright colours so each child can have their own recognisable eco kids toothbrush! They are also all vegan friendly and supplied in zero waste, plastic-free packaging!

Eco Kids Toothbrushes That Are Sustainable

Discover our range of eco kids toothbrushes that are made using sustainable, eco friendly materials such as natural beech wood and biodegradable bamboo. All our eco kids toothbrushes are supplied in plastic-free packaging that can be recycled and is kind to our planet. Shop eco kids toothbrush brands such as Bambooth, Georganics, Truthbrush, and Eco Living. Available in a selection of designs, brushing teeth with a plastic free, sustainable, eco kids toothbrush can be fun!

12 products

Products (12)