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Reusable Sandwich Bags Made Using Eco Materials

Reusable sandwich bags are a must have when it comes to having an eco friendly lunch or refuelling while out and about. Eco, reusable sandwich bags also come in handy when walking, camping, exploring, at work or school.

Reusable sandwich bags keep your food protected and are great for keeping your sandwiches fresher for longer, especially while you are on-the-go. What's great about reusable sandwich bags is that they last much longer and are washable which means they can be reused time and time again.

Reusable sandwich bags help reduce the amount of plastic and waste you use, and they also help lower your carbon footprint!

At Peace With The Wild we stock reusable sandwich bags made using a variety of different eco friendly materials, one being silicone! Silicone is a fantastic sustainable alternative that is durable, robust, chemical free and non-toxic. Not only is it environmentally friendly, Stasher silicone reusable sandwich bags are oven safe, can be placed in the freezer and placed into boiling water. They are also multi purpose and can be used for a variety of different purposes including storing your eco household essentials.

Natural cotton is also a great choice when it comes choosing a reusable sandwich bag that is eco. At Peace With The Wild we stock reusable sandwich bags that are made with both cotton and natural beeswax by Beebagz, a truly plastic free alternative that is reusable, washable and even biodegradable. Beeswax is also naturally antibacterial which helps keep your reusable sandwich bag clean and also great for adding a protective layer to keep your reusable sandwich bag as good as new.

Plastic food packaging is one of the world's worst polluters, contributing to the overcrowding of landfills across the globe, with not all being recycled they also end up littering land and oceans. As a result they cause harm to land animals and marine life! Making the switch to eco friendly alternatives to live a sustainable lifestyle has never been easier, reusable sandwich bags are a simple eco swap that helps keep our oceans and planet clean, healthier and protected for future generations.

Reusable Sandwich Bags, Keep Your Sandwich Fresh The Eco Friendly Way

Discover our huge range of reusable sandwich bags that are made with eco, biodegradable materials such as natural cotton, beeswax and compostable, Sustainably certified wood pulp. The perfect plastic free and eco friendly alternative to keep your sandwiches fresher for longer, while out and about. Made with you and our plant in mind, shop reusable sandwich bags by eco brands Beebagz, Marley's Monsters, If You Care, Stasher, and many more.

11 products

Products (11)