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Eco Toothbrush Heads That Help You Reduce Waste

Eco toothbrush heads are a great way to help reduce waste, live a sustainable lifestyle and have a far more zero waste approach to your natural dental care routine.

Did you know on average one person will replace around 300 toothbrushes during their lifetime and with them not all being recyclable and most made from plastic you can see how this is a worrying amount of waste.

A way to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on our planet is opting for more sustainable alternatives that last longer without having to throw them to waste.

At Peace With The Wild we have an eco-friendly solution! Eco toothbrush heads are a great way of preserving your eco toothbrush without having to buy a completely new one, what's not to love! Made with sustainable and biodegradable bamboo, once the bristles are removed the eco toothbrush heads can be composted.

We stock eco toothbrush heads in a variety of styles to suit a range of different eco toothbrushes models. Shop sustainable and eco friendly brands such as Barnaby's Brushes, Organically Epic and Georganics, all supplied in plastic free packaging that is kind to you and our planet.

Eco Toothbrush Heads For Sustainable Dental Care

Discover our range of eco toothbrush heads that are made with eco friendly, natural, sustainable materials such as bamboo and beechwood. Shop eco toothbrush heads suitable for electric and single handle eco toothbrushes! Supplied in plastic free packaging that is recyclable and reusable. Browse eco brands such as Barnaby's Brushes, Organically Epic and Georganics.


8 products

Products (8)