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The Benefits Of Using a Natural Conditioner Bar

When it comes to a natural haircare regime the natural essentials are definitely a natural shampoo and a natural conditioner bar! Natural shampoo comes first but that doesn't mean forget about conditioning with a natural conditioner bar.

What's great about a natural conditioner bar is convenience! They are a handy size and also very minimalist. Most commercial conditioners are large and chunky, cluttering your bathroom with unsightly plastic. Our natural conditioner bars however are 100% plastic free, sustainable, natural and zero waste! It doesn't get much better than that!

When it comes to the ingredients, natural conditioner bars are also a far better alternative than commercial options. Did you know traditional conditioners contain silicones and various forms of plastics to give the illusion that your hair is soft and healthy. But actually it is not and in most cases your hair is actually dry and under nourished on the inside.

Our natural conditioner bars are also free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that can cause irritation to your skin and respiratory system. Just because they smell nice, it doesn't mean they are nice to your hair and skin, in fact they are quite the opposite. The over use of these artificial additives in time dry's out the hair and leaves it frail.

That is why we have carefully hand-picked a zero waste, eco-friendly collection of natural conditioner bars that are only made with natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. They also come in plastic-free packaging that is more environmentally friendly. Shop eco brands such as Bain & Savon and Eve Of St Agnes Beauty Kubes. We also stock a selection of natural conditioner bars that are suitable for normal, sensitive, oily, dry and brittle heat damaged hair!

Don’t be shy, give natural conditioner bars a try!

Condition Your Hair With A Natural Conditioner Bar

Discover our range of hand-picked natural conditioner bars all made with eco, vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free and natural ingredients that are all eco-friendly. All our natural conditioner bars are supplied in zero waste, plastic-free packaging that can be recycled. Making the switch from commercial to natural is easy and if you have already made the switch to a natural shampoo bar, why wait? Natural conditioner bars are great, perfect for restoring and maintaining healthy, natural hair.

6 products

Products (6)