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If you want to get your friend started on an eco-friendly lifestyle or get yourself on this journey, these eco-friendly kits are your best shot at that. Each kit has some essentials that you’ll need for different areas in your home. For example, the Eco Living Kitchen Kit has kitchen dishwashing essentials like a natural bristle wooden dish brush, a replacement brush head, dishwashing bar soap, a bamboo soap dish rack, and a compostable sponge cleaning cloth.

Each eco-friendly kit has all-natural items that will help in different ways, whether skincare or hygiene. You’ll find natural deodorant, toothpaste, sponges, and dishwashing items. All these kits contain things that are made with all plant-based ingredients. These items also do not have any chemicals found in their traditional counterparts. You don’t need to worry about using products loaded with chemicals since these are all natural. They are also packed in eco-friendly materials. It can either be compostable material or recyclable glass. Using natural items packaged in sustainable ways helps us be more mindful of our environment, the same way we’re conscious about what we put inside and on our bodies.

Sustainable natural kits

Browse a natural kit you’d love to use or gift a friend. These natural kits contain items that are compostable and chemical-free. They come in eco-friendly packaging, so you don’t have to cause more pollution. There’s already enough plastic in landfills and oceans; we don’t need to add more to that, and choosing more sustainable ways of living will genuinely change our pollution levels and maybe someday stop it completely.

22 products

Products (22)