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Natural Sugar That Is Organic & Vegan

Natural sugar is a zero waste pantry essential! Great for cooking and baking with to make sweet treats such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bread, desserts and sauces.

As well as classic natural sugar such as light and dark muscovado, and golden caster we also stock other natural sugar alternatives that are organic and vegan such as organic coconut sugar which is made using 100% coconuts instead of sugar cane.

All our natural sugar is sustainable and has been grown and sourced ethically and in an environmentally friendly way.

Many commercial packets of sugar are packaged in single-use plastic which is disposed of after use! This has a negative impact on our planet, contributing to the overcrowding of landfill and environmental pollution.

At Peace With The Wild we have a zero waste solution! Instead of plastic packaging we supply all our refill natural sugar in paper bags which are plastic free, recyclable and compostable. Before being delivered all our natural sugar is stored in air-tight containers so once at home do make sure you store your natural sugar in a container that will keep it fresh.

Shop a selection of natural sugar that is 100% natural, organic, vegan and sustainable! Add a touch of sweetness to your coffee without the waste and cook and bake the plastic-free way.

Natural Sugar That Is Sustainable

Discover our range of natural sugar that is vegan, natural and organic! Great for cooking with and baking, all our natural sugar is ethically sourced and sustainably made. Supplied in plastic free, eco-friendly paper bags that are recyclable and compostable. Shop dark and light muscovado, golden caster and even organic coconut sugar!

4 products

Products (4)