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Reusable Glass Coffee Cups For Enjoying A Coffee The Eco-Friendly Way

Reusable glass coffee cups are perfect for enjoying a coffee the eco-friendly way without the waste. Great when on-the-go, reusable glass coffee cups can be reused time and time again and also keep your drink a lot warmer for longer compared to disposable cups.

In order to help save our planet and protect the earth for future generations it is important that we avoid products that contain harmful chemicals and non-renewable materials. It is also equally as important to reduce your use of products that are 100% plastic, single-use, disposable and unethical. All of these factors contribute to environmental damage such as air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.

Making the switch to zero waste, eco-friendly alternatives will not only benefit you but also our planet. Opting for an easy eco swap such as zero waste, reusable glass coffee cups help reduce your carbon footprint and are a simple lifestyle change that can have a big impact in the long run. Did you know disposable cups are a direct cause of the overcrowding of landfills and litter pollution. These disposables can take 30 years to biodegrade and break down, and even longer for ones that are 100% plastic.

When disposable cups break down, they release microplastics which can be consumed by animals and aquatic life. They also release chemicals that are harmful to the environment including us!

However, there is a sustainable solution! At Peace With The Wild we stock a wonderful eco selection of reusable glass coffee cups that have been tested by our team and hand-picked for their zero waste, sustainable, eco-credentials. In a variety of colours, designs and styles there is something for everyone. Reusable glass coffee cups are perfect for taking with you to work, while walking, camping, travelling or while on-the-go, help reduce your use of single-use plastic and enjoy your coffee the eco, reusable way!

Reusable Glass Coffee Cups For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Discover our range of reusable glass coffee cups that are made using eco-friendly, sustainable glass and materials. Perfect for enjoying a zero waste coffee while on-the-go and a planet saving alternative to disposable options. Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused! Shop eco-friendly brands KeepCup, Neon Katcus and Sol.

21 products

Products (21)