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The Benefits Of Eco Toilet Roll

Eco toilet roll is great and is a far more environmentally friendly alterative to commercial rolls!

Commercial toilet roll is a huge contributor to deforestation because of its use of virgin paper and it is estimated that the UK uses 1.3 million tonnes of tissue a year. What makes it worse is that the majority of the commercial options are also packaged in plastic which take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

The production of commercial roll also uses a lot of energy which has a negative impact on our planet. Approximately 27,000 trees are flushed down the drain everyday and it takes approximately 37 gallons of water to produce a commercial roll, so opting for an eco toilet roll would save a lot of water and electricity.

When looking for a plastic free, sustainable, eco toilet roll it is important that you opt for one that is non-toxic and not made with harsh chemicals. Some commercial alternatives use chemicals to colour and chlorine to make it white. These toxic chemicals when flushed can have a negative impact to the environment around us.

At Peace With The Wild, we have a plastic free, eco friendly solution with our hand-picked collection of eco toilet roll. Made from 100% recycled paper they help reduce deforestation and naturally biodegrade releasing no harmful chemicals into the environment. Eco toilet roll is 100% zero waste and plastic free as even the packaging is recyclable and reusable. Start your eco-friendly, plastic free journey today!

Eco Toilet Roll That Is Plastic Free

Discover our range of eco toilet rolls that are made from 100% recycled paper and supplied in plastic free packaging. Eco toilet roll is sustainable, vegan and eco friendly; perfect for reducing everyday waste and plastic consumption. Shop sustainable brands Who Gives A Crap and Zero Waste Club, and be kind to our planet with eco toilet roll that is biodegradable.

2 products

Products (2)