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The use of tea bags started as an accident. The first instance of tea bag use was over 100 years ago when a New York merchant sent out tea in little silk bags, and the customers assumed that the bags were supposed to be used the same way as metal infusers. They placed the entire bag in a pot to brew tea, and that's how the convenience of tea bags was born. Even though most tea bags seem free of plastic, they're made of plastic. Only the ones that specify they're "plastic-free" are the ones that don't contain any plastic. Most traditional tea bags are made from a blend of manilla hemp, thermoplastic fibres, and cellulose. Most companies say these plastic elements are synthetic fibres, but they aren't. Natural tea bags are made from synthetic corn starch or other plant-based materials.

These tea bags are organic, ethically sourced, vegan, and biodegradable. The perfect tea does not harm the environment in its manufacturing process or even upon consumption. There is already lots of plastic in landfills and the ocean. We don't need to add more plastic from our teabags when we can easily use teabags made of natural and biodegradable material. Consuming tea put in plastic tea bags means that you'll also be consuming chemicals present in that tea since it will seep from the plastic tea bag into your drink.

Sustainable plastic-free tea bags

You can choose your favourite flavour of vegan tea here at Peace With The Wild. We have various teas from ethical companies that ensure Fairtrade for farmers and ensure you experience quality organic tea. Their tea bags are plastic free, and you can use them in your home food compost.

24 products

Products (24)