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For all shaving lovers, safety razor kits make removing body hair simple and eco-friendly. When travelling or even around your home, you need to ensure that you keep your shaving kits in good condition. The more advanced shaving has become, the less eco-friendly it has grown. But with knowledge, you can easily transform your shaving practice into an eco-friendly one. No matter the body part you’re trying to make less hairy, you might have already been convinced that shaving requires multiple blades cased in plastic, containing in-built soothing balms on disposable handles. But that isn’t ideal. Besides the considerable amounts of plastic in it, there’s also the issue of irritation which always happens when you shave using multiple blades. 

We advise the use of double razors. Such razors are easy to recycle compared to plastic one-time-use razors which often end up in landfills contributing to pollution. When using double razors, you can always put them all in one bin or razor blade disposal tin, then recycle them. You can’t exactly use these razors on their own, and that’s why we have metal razors that allow you to change your double razors every time they get blunt. The metal razor is reachable, and so are the blades. 

Safety razors have the name “safety” in them to distinguish them from straight razors. They are sharp folding knives. When you compare safety razors to other razors, you’ll realize that they’re pretty cheap since all you have to replace regularly is the blade. The blade only gets blunt depending on your hair type and frequency of shaving. Safety razors are also great at giving a close shave. Once you master how to use them, you’ll realize how flush they’re to the skin and how easy it is to rid your body of hair. You’ll also not require to drag it twice at the same place because it’s a single blade, and there's less of a chance that your top layer of the skin will come off when shaving. 

If you have coarse hair and you’ve been looking everywhere for a good razor for that course, then safety razors are the best. Safety razors are good at saying hair that is thick and doesn’t budge when you’re shaving. A safety razor will easily cut through, giving you a clean shave. When you think about it, safety razors are the best grooming decision you could make. Not only are they recyclable, but you also get to change the blades whenever, which is very cheap. 

By choosing safety razors, you’re choosing to be eco-friendly and mindful of your environment. It is best to have your fun (shaving) while still minding your environs and ensuring that the next generation doesn’t have to deal with enormous pollution. When it comes to being conscious of the environment, we all have to pull our weights in whichever way we can. Nothing is too small. Our safety razor kits are eco-friendly, plastic-free, sustainable, and zero waste. Even when packing our items, we ensure you’ll receive them in a cardboard gift box. 

Recyclable safety razor kits 

At Peace With The Wild, we care immensely about the world and our impact. Thus, introducing items, only eco-friendly conscious individuals love and deserve. We understand that we must not hurt the planet to live fully. Shaving, even though not something all people do, most of whom prefer shaving, do it regularly and having an eco-friendly shaving regimen is vital. Our safety razor kits have a mental razor, one pack of razor blades, our drawstrings hessian bag (to hole your items), and a user manual to help you learn how to use the razor and fit the blade. You’ll also have a natural and vegan shaving soap with your shaving items to complete your eco-friendly shaving routine. 

11 products

Products (11)