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The Wonderful Benefits Of Using A Natural Hair Rinse

Natural hair rinses give nutrients to the hair. They lend shine, lock in moisture and can help to heal damaged hair or an irritated scalp. You can use natural hair rinses instead of a natural shampoo or after you have used a natural shampoo and before you condition, it really is up to you- just experiment for yourself and see what works best.

Most shampoos have chemicals in, but even natural ones will strip away some of the oils that are naturally present in your hair. Whilst using a natural conditioner does give back some of the natural moisture and protection, using a natural hair rinse, particularly one with an organic ingredient such as cider apple vinegar in can make all the difference. Using a natural hair rinse can also help to restore the pH of your hair to a healthy 4.5- 5.5 and it can also help improve the circulation in the scalp which leads to better all round scalp and hair growth.

Natural hair rinses are also great if you are someone that is very busy and always on the go. In cases such as this, you can use a natural hair rinse instead of a natural shampoo to cut down on getting ready time. The natural hair rinse will still clean and cleanse your hair leaving it fresh, but it will take significantly less time than shampooing once or twice, rinsing, and then using a natural conditioner.

Natural hair rinses are also helpful for detangling knots, removing the build up of products and pollution, bringing a glorious shine, and adding volume and body to tired tresses. They are also very useful for helping transition from a commercial shampoo to a natural shampoo!

To use a natural hair rinse, all you have to do is shake it up, pour or spritz over your just shampooed or wet hair, massage into your scalp, and then rinse. Of course, you don’t have to rinse it- if you have particularly tangled or dry hair, leaving a natural hair rinse in can help it become instantly more manageable.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock a small selection of organic, vegan, and natural hair rinses for different hair types by Bain & Savon. You will also find that these wonderful natural hair rinses come in eco, plastic free packaging that is environmentally friendly.

Nourish Your Hair With A Healing Natural Hair Rinse

Discover our range of natural hair rinses, made with vegan and organic ingredients. All supplied in eco friendly and plastic free packaging. The quest for wonderful hair can be a long and winding road and using a great natural shampoo is just the start of it. Using a natural hair rinse should also be an integral step but using a natural hair rinse with organic and vegan friendly ingredients is an even better option.

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Products (3)