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Reusable Safety Razors The Eco Alternative!

Reusable safety razors are a great, eco alternative when it comes to shaving the zero waste way! Commercial razors are made of plastic and disposed of after use, which certainly isn't the most eco-friendly way of shaving. When plastic razors are disposed of they maybe out of sight but they definitely shouldn't be out of mind. Plastic takes years to biodegrade and when they do, they break down into microplastics that can pollute the environment around us, get into waterways and cause more harm than we are actually aware of.

The simple, easy and eco solution is a reusable safety razor! Made to last a lifetime and completely plastic-free, just replace the metal blade when needed, resulting in far less waste.

Reusable safety razors are not just environmentally friendly, they are also vegan, and kind to your skin. Reusable safety razors do have a sharper blade but they are far more gentle than disposable alternatives that in some cases have multiple blades. Although having multiple blades may seem like it would result in a better shave, unfortunately it doesn't. It can in fact result in the very top layer of skin being removed, which can cause ingrown hairs, shaving irritation and redness - definitely something we everyone wants to avoid when shaving!

Reusable safety razors are also a lot easier to shave with. This is because commercial disposable razors require far more foam and soap in order to result in a nice, clean shave. Reusable safety razors do not require chemical filled foam, instead a slight lather from a vegan shaving soap will do the trick.

At Peace With The Wild, our hand-picked collection of eco, zero waste, vegan, reusable safety razors are available in various stylish colours and finishes such as rose gold, sliver, matte black, storm grey, mint green, pastel pink and many more. Shop eco-friendly brands Mutiny, Shoreline Shaving, Bambaw and UpCircle. Shave the zero waste way with a stylish, reusable safety razor!

Reusable Safety Razors For Zero Waste Shaving

Discover our range of reusable safety razors that are made using high quality stainless steel, bronze and sustainable bamboo. All our reusable safety razors are eco, zero waste, eco-friendly and vegan! Designed to be reused time and time again, it is time to say goodbye to the disposable and start shaving the eco, zero waste way! What's great about our reusable safety razors is that they are plastic free, meaning they are not only environmentally friendly, they also allow for a closer shave, less likely to cause irritation and leave your skin with a silky smooth finish - what's not to love?

49 products

Products (49)