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Natural Mouthwash An Essential When It Comes To Natural Dental Care

Here is an introduction to using a natural mouthwash as part of your natural dental care routine. Natural mouthwash that doesn't contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients that may irritate your mouth and gums is a far better alternative to commercial products. It is important we look after our teeth, gums and oral health naturally with a natural mouthwash that is made with organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

There are lots of different ways of freshening your breath but if you want to give your mouth a healthy boost as well, mouth rinsing should be a part of your daily routine. Natural mouthwash is not just perfume for your breath, it helps to reduce gingivitis (gum disease), tooth decay, tartar, plaque, and has whitening properties as well.

Whilst natural mouthwash should not be used as a substitute for brushing and flossing, when done as a part of a proper natural dental care routine, natural mouthwash can help to protect you from oral issues including cavities and gum disease. If you brush well with a natural toothpaste, floss with a natural, eco dental floss, and then swish with a eco friendly, natural mouthwash you can expect whiter teeth, healthier gums and better all round health.

Natural mouthwash can come in several forms; the commercial types that you buy in the supermarket or chemist, natural mouth rinses, natural mouthwash tablets, and natural oil pulling mouthwash. Although they have slightly different methods of use, the end goal is the same- to passively hold in the mouth and swill around, gargle, and then spit. This removes any remaining food debris, gets into hard to reach spots, kills bacteria and freshens the breath.

The first known instances of mouth rinsing are Ayurveda for the treatment of gingivitis, through the method of oil pulling, a technique that is still common today. Later, the Greeks and Romans used mouth rinsing to clean their teeth but ingredients included salt, vinegar, and alum- not very appetising.

In the 1700’s people were using brandy and vinegar to wash their mouth with and whilst it killed the bacteria in the mouth to a certain extent, it didn’t do a thorough job and was not very pleasant. By the 1960’s a chemical called chlorhexidine was added into mouthwashes which killed bacteria but taste vile.

Today, people are on the lookout for more eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free, organic and natural mouthwash variations that still have a deep cleaning and bacteria killing effect. Mindful of what they are putting into their bodies, they are interested in formulas that include natural and organic essential oils and botanicals that exclude synthetic ingredients and alcohol.

At Peace With The Wild, we have a range of natural oil pulling mouthwash, natural mouthwash tablets, and natural mouthwashes that will suit every requirement and preference, whilst being packaged in plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging, limiting the impact on the world around us.

Wash Your Mouth Out With A Natural Mouthwash

Discover our range of natural mouthwash made with eco-friendly, natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. Our natural mouthwash also comes in plastic free packaging that is eco friendly and zero waste, so not only are their natural ingredients kind to us, their eco packaging is also kind to our planet. Shop natural mouthwash in a range of zero waste, natural mouthwash tablets and natural oil pulling mouthwash from eco, natural dental brand Georganics. There are lots of different ways of freshening your breath but if you want to give your mouth a healthy boost as well, mouth rinsing should be a part of your daily routine. Natural mouthwash is not just...

15 products

Products (15)