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Dishcloths and kitchen towels are items we use daily because we need to keep the kitchen clean and the utensils dry. Ensuring you pick out the best kitchen towels is one of the wisest shopping decisions. Most dishcloths and kitchen towels are made of polyester, which isn't good because it's made using petroleum-based fibre. Also, during every wash, it releases plastic microfibers which then go back into the water stream and eventually into the ecosystem. The best dishcloths and kitchen towels to use are made out of organic cotton.

When using organic cotton dishcloths and kitchen towels, you're sure there are no pesticides during the farming of cotton, and it's biodegradable and hence won't harm the environment. We, as humans, have destroyed the planet by causing pollution of the air, land, and water. Using organic items like cotton in your dishcloths and kitchen towels may seem like a small thing, but it's the best way to ensure you don't further contribute to pollution and landfills. Organic cotton can easily be recycled and is biodegradable. If you're wondering what fertilizers have to do with dishcloths and towels, it does a lot to the environment. Farming cotton using pesticides and other dangerous fertilizers poses a huge threat to human life and the natural ecosystems in cotton farms.

You should also be pleased to know that organic dishcloths and towels are absorbent compared to traditional materials. They come in various beautiful patterns and will look amazing in your kitchen. Besides that, organic cotton is a great addition since these dishcloths will last longer than traditional dish towels that get worn out easily and need replacing. Since it can be a nuisance to wipe down utensils using towels that leave behind little fibres on your utensils, you can be assured that organic dishcloths won't leave much. Even if they do, you won't be worried for your health because they're organic, and there's no plastic or harmful chemicals in the towels. Organic dishcloths have a higher absorbency rate than other materials used to make dishcloths and towels. By choosing a perfect organic dishcloth for your home, you'll be doing yourself and the environment justice.

Eco-friendly dishcloths and towels

Choose from a range of products for your perfect organic dishcloth and towels. Dishcloths and towels do the most work in the kitchen since they wipe all kinds of spills off the counters and floors and even dry the dishes. You can pick a towel for each function. Because of how often you'll use kitchen towels, it is best to ensure that they're made out of sustainable and organic material to ensure that you use toxin-free materials in your kitchen. These organic dishcloths and towels are durable and will last a long time. Once they've served you through to when they tear. You can always recycle them, and even if you can't recycle them, you're sure they won't harm the environment as they're biodegradable and toxin-free. At Peace With The Wild, we offer you a range of organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products you can use at home. It is now easier to find all your favourite eco-friendly items in one place.

39 products

Products (39)