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Just because you choose a plant-based diet doesn't mean you need to miss out on life's greatest salad favourite, mayonnaise. As a vegan, you can have this vegan mayonnaise which uses aquafaba to make the mayo consistency Aquafaba is a good substitute for eggs when on a plant-based diet. Aquafaba is a nutrient-rich water left over after cooking chickpeas which would usually be thrown away. At Peace With The Wild, we have different mayonnaise flavours to explore and enjoy. There is chilli mayo, garlic mayo, and plain mayonnaise. All the vegan options give you a variety to try out.

Instead of letting that nutrient-rich water gets poured out, turning it into vegan mayonnaise is a win-win. It helps prevent any waste and also provides nutrients for others to consume. Vegan mayonnaise is generally healthier because it's free of saturated fats and cholesterol. If you're also counting calories, this would be a better substitute for traditional mayonnaise. For example, garlic mayonnaise is gluten-free, allowing those with gluten sensitivity to have something to eat that is also healthy.

Sustainable vegan mayonnaise

Choose a favourite flavour from the vegan mayonnaise varieties here at Peace With The Wild. The vegan mayonnaise is made from sustainably sourced produce that is egg-free. These come in plastic-free jars that you can recycle or reuse. By purchasing these, you'll also enjoy locally made products since they are made in the UK. You can use the vegan mayonnaise in your snacks, as a perfect condiment in your dishes or even on sandwiches and salads.

5 products

Products (5)