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Eco Sponges That Are Kind To Our Planet

Eco sponges are wonderful to use on our skin when in the bath or shower! Not only are they effective at helping cleanse the skin, they also help exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells.

Eco sponges are great sustainable, plastic free alternatives to commercial bath sponges. Did you know? Most commercial bath sponges are made from plastic, which take hundreds of years to biodegrade and when they do they break down into micro plastics which can pollute the environment around us.

Eco sponges that are made from materials such as sustainable coconut coir, konjac, loofah and natural cotton are not only better for our planet they are also kinder to your skin.

Konjac eco sponges are particularly kind to sensitive skin as once moistened konjac become silky soft and extremely gentle. This makes it perfect for cleansing, exfoliating, applying and removing makeup, and even using on babies skin.

Loofah is a plant and used to make eco sponges that are non-toxic, vegan friendly and biodegradable! Their spongy and flexible texture makes them perfect for cleansing and exfoliating the skin in a 100% natural way; you will never need a plastic sponge again.

Cotton eco sponges are also wonderful on the skin as they are hypoallergenic! Some chemical produced products can cause skin irritation, redness and even allergic reactions - so next time you are looking for a natural, eco sponge make sure you opt for one that is eco-friendly and chemical free!

At Peace With The Wild, you can discover the perfect eco sponge for you with our all natural, eco-friendly collection. Our eco sponges are also supplied in plastic free packaging that can either be recycled or reused! Shop sustainable brands such as Marley's Monsters, Safix, Loofco, Hydrophil and Tabitha Eve.

Eco Sponges The Plastic Free Alternative

Discover our range of natural, eco sponges that are all made from eco friendly, natural, plastic free materials such as natural cotton, coconut coir, konjac, and loofah. Eco sponges are perfect for bath and shower use and ideal for exfoliating the skin naturally. Eco sponges help cleanse and remove dead skin; leaving skin soft and smooth. Eco sponges are also gentle and a far more natural, sustainable, eco friendly alternative to plastic sponges!

31 products

Products (31)