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Refill Your Vegan Cereal & Beverages The Plastic-Free Way

Vegan cereal and beverages are an essential when it comes to a zero waste pantry!

Conventional and commercial options are packaged in single-use plastics which go to waste and end up polluting the environment. Also plastics can contain chemicals that are harmful to your health and are made using unsustainable manufacturing methods.

At Peace With The Wild we have a sustainable and plastic free solution! We stock vegan cereal and beverages that are natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free and free from palm oil. Our selection of natural and vegan oats are grown and sourced in the UK and taste simply delicious, perfect for breakfast in the morning, as a snack or even adding to your vegan smoothies.

Minimising and reducing the use of plastic helps contribute positively towards a greener planet. That is why all our vegan cereal and beverages are supplied in plastic free paper bags which are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

At Peace With The Wild we stock a wonderful selection of vegan cereal and beverages that have been hand-picked for their eco, natural, vegan and organic credentials. Stock up on your vegan breakfast favourites and transform your pantry into one that is zero waste!

Vegan Cereal & Beverages Made With Natural Ingredients

Discover our range of vegan cereal and beverages that are made with natural, vegan and organic ingredients that have been ethically and sustainably grown and sourced. Shop oats which are grown in the UK, organic bran flakes, muesli and granola! Our vegan and natural refill food is supplied in recyclable, compostable paper bags. Before delivery all our refill food is stored in air-tight containers so when they arrive please store at home in a container to keep your food fresh!

7 products

Products (7)