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When taking care of a baby, mothers fret over items they use to feed the baby because most materials leach chemicals into the drinks they're giving the baby. However, you can also find safer alternatives for the baby to drink and eat from. Something such as a bottle nip may seem insignificant, but it's not when it comes to a child's health.

There are many options in the market when it comes to baby bottles and bottle nips. However, at Peace With The Wild, we recommend the use of eco-friendly materials, and that's why we have nips and baby bottles made of sustainable materials. When your baby is using bottles in feeding, it's clear to see how easily they can go through bottle nips especially if they're made of plastic. Here, you can find an eco-friendly alternative which is made out of natural rubber. Natural rubber is a material obtained from the sap of trees of the genera Hevea. When this tree sap is tapped and collected, it's then moulded into the shape of a nip and used as a baby bottle nip or a variety of other products. Because this is a natural material, you should expect that there are no chemicals such as BPA, PVC, phthalates, parabens, chemical softeners and artificial colourants.

Rubber nips are the best natural options for children since they're chemical-free and good for the environment. Once your baby has used it and it's worn out, you can throw it out with the rest of the trash, and you'll be sure that it will biodegrade. When using baby items made of natural rubber, you shouldn't be too concerned because you have the goodwill of the planet and the environment. Plastic on the other hand stays in its form for thousands of years before it can start the degradation process. That's why you'll notice lots of plastic in landfills destroying the environment. Natural rubber that makes baby nips are also very soft compared to plastic and safer for your child to chew on.

The baby bottles that you'll find here are also made of glass. We all know that glass is a safer material when it comes to feeding the baby compared to plastic. Plastic material contains BPA, a harmful chemical for you and even the baby when consumed. You shouldn't risk your child consuming any part of this material when you can have a better glass option. If you're worried about them breaking their glass bottles easily, there's a 2-in-1 glass baby bottle with natural rubber. This baby bottle contains a protective layer of natural rubber which acts like bubble wrap preventing your kid from breaking their bottle if they're trying to wean themselves.

Plastic-free and sustainable baby bottles

Browse sustainable baby bottle and bottle nips alternatives at Peace With The Wild. Here, you'll find bottle nips made of natural rubber which is safe for your kid and, since it's biodegradable, also safe for the environment. The baby bottles are also made of glass, which is more child-friendly since they're free from chemicals and also good for the environment compared to plastic. The baby bottle glasses are made from borosilicate glass which is a healthier non-leaching alternative to plastic bottles.

28 products

Products (28)