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Reusable Menstrual Cups That Care For You & Our Planet

Reusable menstrual cups are a wonderful, eco friendly alternative in comparison to disposable tampons and pads. They are also an easy switch that is safer, greener, and just as effective.

Unlike reusable menstrual cups that are chemical free and plastic free, disposable menstrual products can be made from plastic and synthetic, unsustainable materials. According to research woman will go through around 11,000 disposable menstrual products throughout their life. That is large amount of waste when you think how many people there are on our planet.

Also, because most disposable products are made from plastic this can be significantly damaging for our planet. Plastic takes hundreds of years to biodegrade and when it does it breaks down into microplastics which can work their way into water ways, and cause harm to aquatic life and wildlife.

However, there is an eco, reusable solution to this and it comes from an eco-friendly brand called Organicup and their reusable menstrual cup. Did you know? Organicup, has the lifespan that can save our planet from more than 2400 disposable pads or tampons per user. This eco, sustainable, zero waste solution makes a big difference in helping minimise waste and reducing plastic pollution.

At Peace With The Wild, you can browse our Organicup reusable menstrual cup range which is available in two different sizes and comes in 100% eco-friendly, plastic free packaging that can be recycled!

Reusable Menstrual Cups That Are Eco-Friendly

Discover our range of reusable menstrual cups that are made of 100% FDA approved medical grade silicone. Our reusable menstrual cups are also supplied in eco-friendly, sustainable, plastic free packaging that can be recycled. A reusable menstrual cup is a great eco, zero waste, safer and chemical free alternative to disposable counterparts! Shop eco brand Organicup, and take care of you and our planet.

3 products

Products (3)