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Play is an essential part of early child development as it allows children to learn how to use their creativity, develop imagination, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play also allows children to experience different cognitive, sensory, and physical experiences. By engaging children in play or letting them play, you’ll be enhancing social development in your child or children. Books, on the other hand, promote your child’s imagination and brain development. Books can also help your child develop emotions and language and can even strengthen your relationship with the baby through storytelling and reading them bedtime stories. As a sustainable parent, looking for eco-friendly toys and books would be your highest priority which we offer here at Peace With The Wild.

You can find sustainable coloured pencils, mini wooden utensils, and sustainable children’s books, among other items, to help your child grow in all ways possible and keep the environment well in the process. All these toys and books are eco-friendly since they biodegrade once disposed of hence not harming the environment by contributing to the plastic and dirt disposed of in landfills polluting the environment. The books you find here are also full of stories about endangered animals you can teach your child about. This will help them learn how pollution affects other creatures in their immediate environment and what they can do to prevent it. Teaching children about such dire issues in simple ways helps them broaden their knowledge and understanding.

You can also find toys for children to play with, such as The Knot Skills Kit, which will help them learn how to master the most important knots they need to know. Teaching your child about knots also presents an opportunity for both of you to be outside and in nature. Not only is this ideal for your child, but it can also be a great learning opportunity for the entire family. The material is also natural and sustainable. If your little one loves colouring, you can get them unique zero-waste pencils made from recycled newspaper rather than wood. The coloured pencils are 100% eco-friendly, and they save trees and help combat deforestation. These pencils last longer than wooden pencils and sharpen better than wooden ones. Recycling items is good for the environment as it helps give these items more life instead of throwing them out after the first use.

Eco-friendly toys and books

Browse eco-friendly toys and books here at Peace With The Wild. We offer you sustainable tools to help you raise your child more sustainably, preventing them from having more carbon footprint than is necessary. All these items are biodegradable or recycled, which helps promote sustainability. The books here will help your child be aware of environmental issues in a way only kids can understand, and this will help them more consciously. It is your duty as a parent to ensure that your child land yourself lives more sustainably to help future generations have a better planet to occupy.

47 products

Products (47)