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Bamboo Flannels The Eco Alternative

Bamboo flannels are versatile and great when it comes to natural skincare! They can be used as an organic washcloth, natural face towel and even help remove your vegan makeup. Bamboo flannels are incredibly gentle, they also work wonders when keeping babies skin clean and dry. There are many benefits of using a bamboo flannel instead of a commercial disposable alternative, so we thought we would let you know a few.

One benefit of using a bamboo flannel in your natural skincare routine is that bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, meaning your skin will not be irritated like some commercial, chemical products out there, making it perfect for sensitive skin and babies.

Also because bamboo is antibacterial its means there will be no bad smelling odour, mould or bacteria build up, and this is the case even after multiple washes.

Bamboo flannels work amazing as an organic washcloth and perfect for drying the skin. This is because bamboo flannels are highly absorbent and breathable!

Bamboo flannels are natural and eco too, bamboo requires no pesticides or chemical feed so you don't have to worry about how bamboo is grown to make your bamboo flannel, they grow naturally and in abundance.

They are also sustainable and eco friendly, at Peace With The Wild all of our bamboo flannels are plastic free and even their packaging is eco, plastic free and recyclable.

So now you know some of the great benefits of bamboo flannels, you can take a look for yourself and discover our full collection of eco, natural, sustainable, bamboo flannels, all supplied in earth friendly, plastic free packaging!

Bamboo Flannels That Are Kind To Your Skin & Our Planet

Discover our range of bamboo flannels handmade from eco, sustainable, organic, vegan, natural bamboo. Soft and gentle to the skin, bamboo flannels are great for wiping and drying the skin after washes or when removing natural skincare or vegan makeup products. They are also 100% plastic free and that includes the packaging! We stock bamboo flannels from eco brands such as Tabitha Eve, Marley's Monsters and UpCircle. A natural skincare essential that can be used for a variety of purposes, read on to discover the benefits of bamboo flannels... 

5 products

Products (5)