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The Benefits Of A Natural Soap Pouch

A natural soap pouch is an eco-friendly essential! Great for storing your natural soap and perfect when it comes to exfoliating your skin. If you are making the switch to a vegan friendly, natural soap bar then the perfect partner is a natural soap pouch in natural sisal or organic cotton. The two work in perfect harmony, and the natural soap pouch is reusable so can be used time and time again even when you replace your natural soap bar.

The main benefit of using a natural soap pouch is that they are 100% plastic free, sustainable, and eco-friendly; so you can say goodbye to commercial soap and shower gel in plastic bottles that take hundreds of years to biodegradable!

Another reason why a natural soap pouch is great is that they help your soap bar lather up quicker, creating a rich, thicker lather much better than you would when using just your hands. The soft but textured nature of the natural soap pouch works as a great exfoliator, helping remove dead skin and promoting blood circulation; leaving it soft and smooth when used with a vegan, natural soap bar.

Plastic free, natural soap pouches also help your natural soap bar last longer! Which means you get more for your money and it saves you having to replace your natural soap bar as often. A natural soap pouch is very breathable and when hung up allows air to get to your natural soap which means it dry's quicker and will not go damp.

At Peace With The Wild, you can discover our wonderful collection of plastic free, vegan, sustainable, natural soap pouches all hand-picked for their eco credentials. They are also all supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused. Let's shower and bath the eco way with a natural soap pouch!

Natural Soap Pouches For Your Natural Soap

Discover our range of natural soap pouches that are all made from natural, sustainable, plastic free materials such as natural sisal and organic cotton. A natural soap pouch is perfect for storing your natural soap bar and keeping it clean. Natural soap pouches also help your natural soap bar last longer and can even be used as natural exfoliator, leaving skin smooth and soft. Switch to a natural soap pouch that is kind on the skin and our planet!

3 products

Products (3)