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For thousands of years, turmeric has been used as a herbal spice in cooking food and making tea. In ancient India, turmeric was used in Ayurveda and called Indian names that may be familiar to you, like Haldi or Manjal. To make turmeric tea, you'll need to steep dry turmeric in water. It has an earthy flavour that can be between bitter and sweet. We have organic golden turmeric with coconut oil and honey if you prefer something other than pure turmeric tea. This tea is specifically Ayurveda inspired since it's supposed to help with anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects.

Turmeric tea is good for your health and contains nutrients like manganese, copper, and iron. It is also rich in bioactive compounds like vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and volatile oils. Organic turmeric tea without added sweeteners will have around 30 relatively low calories. It can be a suitable replacement for other beverages like soda, alcohol, and juices that are high in calories. When you consume turmeric, unlike caffeinated drinks, you don't have to stay up late to find sleep since it doesn't affect your sleep cycle. If you're also looking for a plant-based dye, turmeric is the best one you can find, assuming you love the colour.

Eco-friendly organic turmeric

Choose your organic turmeric tea from a variety of them, depending on your needs. If you want a blend, you'll get one that is suitable for you. However, if you want plain old turmeric tea, you will also find that. We offer you turmeric tea from ethical companies that grow these plants sustainably, and the process of the farmer to the table is very eco-friendly.

4 products

Products (4)