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Eco Tape That Is Kind To Our Planet

Biodegradable, eco tape is an eco home essential! Perfect for everyday use when sealing gifts, boxes and parcels. Unlike the plastic alternatives you may see, eco tape is made from paper and is a far more eco-friendly, zero waste option.

Using plastic free, eco paper tape will help you reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of plastic waste you go through; especially when it comes to events such as birthdays and Christmas.

Conventional sticky tape is usually made from a type of plastic which is not always recycled. This results in the large amounts going to landfill and polluting the surrounding environment. Plastic can take hundreds of years to break down and when it eventually does it releases microplastics which pollute the environment and work their way into waterways.

However, there is an eco, plastic free solution! At Peace With The Wild, we stock eco tape that is biodegradable, plastic-free and vegan! Eco paper tape is made from renewable resources using Kraft paper and natural rubber adhesive. Also recyclable, our eco paper tape can be reused up to 7 times.

What's great about eco tape is that it can be used for a variety of uses and just because it is made from paper it doesn't mean it isn't as strong! Using eco tape for gifting means you can wrap your eco-friendly goodies the plastic free way without the guilt. Eco tape can also be used for sealing envelopes and parcels, and even used for arts and crafts. Shop biodegradable, eco tape that is plastic free and kind to the earth!

Eco Tape That Is Plastic Free & Biodegradable

Discover our range of eco tape that is made with natural, sustainable, biodegradable Kraft paper and natural rubber. Eco tape is a great vegan, plastic free, biodegradable alternative to conventional tape! Supplied in plastic-free packaging that can be recycled or reused. Transform the way you gift and seal your parcels and cardboard boxes with our biodegradable, zero waste, eco tape that is made with you and our planet in mind!

9 products

Products (9)