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Laundry sheets are a genius way to eliminate plastic use in every sense. Instead of purchasing detergent bottles, you can get vegan laundry sheets that are not just skin-friendly but also hypoallergenic and full of all-natural ingredients. The process of using detergents in plastic bottles is one long, environmentally harmful process. The first step of plastic creation is the extraction of oil from the ground. This extracted oil is then shipped to a refinery where it will be distilled. Once oil undergoes distillation, it is molded to the shape of the laundry jug it's supposed to carry. It is shipped, yet again, to a factory for manufacturing and packaging. From here, it is again shipped to stores where consumers can access it. The amount of shipping required to complete this process causes many emissions and pollution. The worst part is that most plastic detergent containers aren't recycled because if they aren't rinsed properly, no one wants them. When plastic isn't recycled, it ends up in a landfill or dumped into the ocean. When dumped in the ocean, these huge jugs eventually break into tiny pieces of microplastics and can injure other species and even contaminate our food sources.

It is clear that plastic can be detrimental to our survival as a species, and that's why we need to avoid plastics in instances where we can't recycle them or use them more than once. We need to ensure they're not one-time use and end up getting recycled. Besides using plastic in packaging, traditional detergents contain lots of toxic chemicals. So, when you have sensitive skin or are doing laundry for very young kids, this can become an issue. Using a laundry detergent made of only natural ingredients and doesn't contain any chemicals is a great way to ensure your family's safety. Traditional detergents contain about 20 toxic ingredients, while vegan laundry sheets have a plant-based formula and are completely free of harmful, toxic ingredients. Also, you'll find that these vegan laundry sheets at Peace With The Wild all contain a hypoallergenic formula that is free of phosphates, dyes, formaldehyde, optical brighteners, and any other chemicals you wouldn't want close to your skin.

If you're sensitive to scents, you can easily choose one that is scent-free. The ones that contain scents are all-natural scents. These sheets are also small and will only take up a little storage space, especially if you're in a small house or don't have much space to store laundry items. These sheets also come in biodegradable packaging.

Vegan and eco-friendly laundry sheets

Select from a wide range of vegan laundry sheets in your home. These sheets contain all-natural ingredients that are palm-free and cruelty-free. They are friendly to the planet and leave your laundry fresh and clean. You wouldn't be releasing harmful chemicals down the drain, which is quite a win for you and the environment.

9 products

Products (9)