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Natural Deodorant That Are Kind To Our Planet

There has never been a better time to opt for an environmentally friendly, natural deodorant tin! With some amazing choices using a natural deodorant tin doesn't have to be boring. At Peace With The Wild, our range of natural deodorant tins smell lovely, scented with 100% natural essential oils that leave skin feeling great. Some could say scented natural deodorant tins actually smell better that commercial alternatives that are full of nasty, artificial fragrances and additives that can actually damage the skin, causing reactions and irritation.

There are many benefits of natural deodorant tins, the main one being they are kind to our planet but there are many more.

Natural deodorant tins that come in aluminium tins or glass jars can be reused after use. Who doesn't love to upcycle? Once you have enjoyed your natural deodorant delight just simply hand wash and it will be ready to go. Use as storage to keep jewellery, plastic free hair bobbles and natural hair ties, store natural soap bars or anything else, the list goes on!

What else is great about natural deodorant tins is that they can be sealed and are a great size to fit into a bag or even pocket. Perfect for travelling, while on-the-go or even while out on an adventure.

Also because they are made with vegan, cruelty free, organic and natural ingredients it means that your body is not absorbing chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can be bad for your overall health. If you are just starting out on your eco journey or you are an eco pro making the switch to an environmentally friendly, natural deodorant tin is simple and easy.

At Peace With The Wild, our range of natural deodorant tins are all supplied in eco-friendly packaging, that helps minimise waste, reduces plastic pollution and contributes to our planet being more greener.

Natural Deodorant Tins Made With Natural Ingredients

Discover our range of natural deodorant tins that are handmade with vegan, organic, cruelty free, ethical, sustainable and 100% natural ingredients. What's great about our natural deodorant tins is that they are supplied in plastic-free, environmentally friendly packaging and there aluminium tins and glass jars can be reused and upcycled. Shop an array of natural deodorant tins, natural deodorant balms and natural deodorant creams by eco brands such as Fegoo, Awake Organics, Fat & The Moon, Earth Conscious and Re;connection. At Peace With The Wild, our natural deodorant tins are kind to your skin and leave it smelling fresh!

26 products

Products (26)