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Oil is an ingredient generally used in most cooking in the kitchen. Be it frying, stewing, dips, salads, and other types of cooking, oil is an essential ingredient. Because of its versatility and everyday use, you must be careful about which oil you pick since it will determine your health. Unhealthy fats include trans fats and saturated fats. While MCT coconut oil can be saturated, it varies compared to animal fats as it’s a healthier natural type of fat. Unlike wine processing, plant-based oils don’t contain animal products, so you can be comfortable using them. Also, since oils such as olive, coconut, avocado, and others have been around for millennia, they’re not subject to animal testing, making them by all levels vegan.

Here, you’ll find only vegan cooking oils that are much healthier for you. Besides offering the help you need in the kitchen, these oils have extra benefits for your health. Much research has gone into natural vegan oils, which have been found to reduce certain illnesses that come with saturated fats. That’s why you can see that the Mediterranean diet consists of 6% oil use but isn’t affected by certain lifestyle diseases common in the west.

Sustainable vegan cooking oil

We have flavourful vegan cooking oils that add richness and depth to all your meals. These oils are healthy for you, allowing you to experience good culinary without cutting out oils from your diet. They come in plastic-free packaging with a natural taste and aroma, and the glass jar they come in is recyclable or reusable.

18 products

Products (18)