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Coffee capsules have caused a lot of mayhem since entering the market in the 1990s. Around 1 billion coffee pods are used every year, and a third is recycled, according to research. Research done by a UK coffee brand claims that even though 39000 capsules are produced every minute globally, 29000 go to landfill. So, as people keep consuming coffee, there is more damage that happens to mother earth. Still, you can consume your daily dose of coffee, ensuring it's more sustainable and serves the environment in a positive light.

Most coffee capsules are made of plastic or aluminium. It isn't easy to recycle the plastic used to store coffee capsules, but aluminium, on the other hand, is infinitely recyclable. We recognize the part that coffee pods play in today's society. These inventions have made life easier by removing all the hassle of preparing and cleaning coffee machines. Now that your coffee-making process has been simplified, it's time you simplified the massive load on the environment's shoulder, which is waste, using biodegradable and sustainable coffee. Using eco-friendly coffee capsules reduces your carbon footprint. We all have, at some point, to use a service that leads to carbon emissions. However, when you can avoid it, you should. That's why you can now access more eco-friendly items that won't harm your environment.

We all love the convenience in all types of ways and even when it comes to coffee pods. However, if you invest a little more in fewer plastic options, you'll save the environment from paying the higher price at the end of the road. Using sustainable items, even those as minor as coffee pods shows your part in investing in a better future for tomorrow's generation. It won't be worth it when the other generations come to find a messed up place that we could avoid by taking little steps at a time. It is time you got yourself the most delicious coffee in the comfort of your home that also doesn't harm the environment in any form or manner. These eco-friendly coffee capsules will give you the most delicious vegan coffee you've ever had at home. You also don't need to worry about them fitting in your machine because these coffee capsules are compatible with the coffee machines you have at home.

Eco-friendly and vegan coffee capsules

Browse a range of coffee capsules that are not only sustainable but also delicious. These coffee capsules are made of 100% aluminium, meaning they'll be recycled infinite times. After finishing your coffee, you can always put your coffee grounds into your food waste or compost bin. However, the coffee capsule needs to be dropped into your household recycling so that you won't contribute to the ever-growing landfills. The coffee doesn't include any added sugar. It is suitable for those with nut allergies and is gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

5 products

Products (5)