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Vegan Mascaras That Give Your Lashes Volume And Length

Vegan mascara is great! Used to darken, lengthen, thicken, and separate our eyelashes, vegan mascara has become a staple in the eco makeup bags all over the world.

Like many of today’s makeup trends, the origins of vegan mascara can be found in ancient Egypt where men and women would paint their eyes, and lashes with thick, black, sticky potion that would enhance the eyes. These fashions were replicated in Babylonia, Greece, and the Roman Empire before falling out of fashion in Europe, whilst remaining popular in the Middle East.

Vegan mascara faced a big resurgence in popularity in Victorian England as social opinion radically shifted to promote cosmetics and women spent many hours each day, preening and beautifying themselves. One of the most sought after features was long, thick, dark lashes and to attain this, Victorian women would make their own vegan mascara at home, with varying results. One example of homemade Victorian-era mascara was made from a mixture of ash and elderberry juice that was heated and brushed onto the lashes.

In terms of commercial mascaras, in the 19th Century, formulas began to emerge that used a mixture of coal and the newly invented petroleum jelly. It was incredibly messy so a better version was soon created that was made of soap and black dye and was applied with a dampened brush- similar in style to our natural, palm oil free, vegan mascara cake that we stock today!

Nowadays, commercial mascara is typically made of waxes, oils, and a base mixture of pigments including iron oxide and titanium dioxide which provide it with the desired colour. The problem is that many commercial mascaras come in plastic tubes that are often discarded after as little as three months. These tubes are so small that they rarely get recycled and instead end up in landfills, breaking down over hundreds of years into harmful microplastics. 

Thankfully, Peace With The Wild stocks a variety of different natural, vegan mascaras that come in bamboo or metal packaging and are refillable. This cuts down substantially on the amount of waste created when you seek more luscious lashes, and promotes a more sustainable, eco friendly kind of beauty. They are also made with 100% natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients that are kind and gentle to your skin and eyelashes! 

Nourish Your Lashes With A Vegan Mascara

Discover our nourishing range of vegan mascaras made with 100% natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. Shop our natural, vegan mascaras in refillable and refill options from Zao, which help cut down and reduce waste. Also all of our vegan mascaras are supplied in eco friendly packaging! Vegan mascara is an essential if you are looking for an eco friendly, natural, vegan mascara that will nourish your lashes and is kind to your skin! If you ask anyone what their desert island makeup essential would be, we are pretty sure the majority of them would say vegan mascara.

11 products

Products (11)