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Discover our wide range of cologne, perfumes, and roll-ons. These are made using natural organic ingredients. They are plastic-free, alcohol-free, and toxic-free. If you’re also conscious of your environment and want to go the natural way, here is a good place to start.

Natural perfumes and colognes that are environment friendly

Of the five senses we have, smell is the strongest of them all. The smell is 150,000, stronger than your sense of vision, which is a lot. It is important to smell nice regularly, and that’s why we have perfumes and colognes to serve that purpose. It is common to realize how easily you lose your confidence once you realize you’ve left the house without spritzing some cologne or perfume on yourself. That in itself shows how important it is.

If there’s something better than smelling nice, it is using cologne or perfume made from natural ingredients. When a cologne or perfume uses natural ingredients, it becomes more potent and even offers aromatherapy benefits. Natural colognes contain ingredients like bergamot, cedar, vanilla, clove, amber, sandalwood, citrus scents, and others. These smells are therapeutic for our brains as they offer aromatherapy benefits.

Citrus scents elevate your focus on what’s around you or what you’re working on, while bergamot is good for mood elevation. Wearing these natural scents helps ease stress, improve sleep, and boost energy levels. You need a good natural scent to elevate your well-being.

Perfumes and colognes also have a great way of making a memory and emotion stick. The limbic system directly triggers the olfactory bulb, also called “the emotional brain.” That’s why smells trigger memories. Have you ever smelled some scent that instantly you are carried back in time to a moment or a place? That’s how strong perfume or cologne affects your life.

Because of how necessary the sense of smell is, it is a good idea to wear cologne or perfume on dates, during meetings, or even during interviews. Smelling nice always gives you a boost in confidence, class, sophistication, and even a life partner. While visual cues are important for men when selecting a romantic partner, women require a good smell to pick a partner. So, choosing the right scent is important in more ways than you can imagine.

Natural, zero waste concept cologne

Now that you know the importance of cologne, investing in a zero-waste cologne is more important. At Peace With The Wild, we care about the environment and your health, and that’s why we offer you colognes and perfumes that are handmade, have zero waste, are highly concentrated, and contain natural ingredients. These colognes and perfumes don’t contain harmful chemicals and are friendly to the environment and the skin. Since the ingredients are natural, they’re highly concentrated with soothing scents sure to offer you aromatherapy benefits.

These natural solid colognes are made of beeswax, shea butter, and almond oil. They are created to hydrate and nourish your skin, unlike spray colognes which contain 90% alcohol and other harmful ingredients.

You also don’t need to use too much on your skin since it’s highly concentrated, and a little goes a long way. It can be off-putting when one wears too much cologne so ensure you wear just enough. You can use your fingertip to rub on the cologne and apply it to your pressure points such as wrists, neck, and wherever you want the scent.

These deodorants are plastic-free, alcohol-free, and durable. If you love the environment and want to smell good, these would be the best colognes for you and your loved ones. Natural perfumes are also plastic, vegan, cruelty-free, and compostable. When using these products, you needn’t worry about landfills and contributing to the already polluted environment.

The natural perfumes are also enriched with essential oils (famous for their aromatherapy benefits) and other enriching organic ingredients like coconut oil and sunflower wax seals. They have a lasting fragrance that you will carry throughout the day.

If you always have insomnia, Roll Ons will work wonders for you. These roll-ons are made using 100% essential oils. They contain ingredients like lavender, green mandarin, and chamomile, which are scientifically proven to boost relaxation, putting you in the mood for sleep. The base for all these essential oils is organic jojoba oil, which is nourishing for the skin.

15 products

Products (15)