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Eco Bottle Brushes, The Sustainable Alternative

Eco bottle brushes are a sustainable alternative to plastic brushes. An eco bottle brush is an essential when it comes to cleaning all of your sustainable, eco drinking bottles, keeping them fresh and hygienic. It is true, eco drinking bottles like all can be extremely difficult to clean, especially with a commercial sponge or cloth.

Eco bottle brushes cut through grease, dirt and mould without scratching or damaging your reusable, eco drinking bottle. What makes plastic free, eco bottle brushes so effective at cleaning is their super fine bristles which are vegan, cruelty free and 100% plant-based, made using tampico and sisal bristles, they are also biodegradable. Coconut eco bottle brushes that are made from coconut coir are also effective and naturally anti-bacterial!

At Peace With The Wild, we stock a wonderful selection of eco bottle brushes that are narrow, wide, and have long and short handles. This is great as they suit a range of different eco bottle sizes! The handles are also made using beach wood and stainless steel, all completely plastic free!

Unlike plastic alternatives, eco bottle brushes are made completely natural, using sustainable and ethical manufacturing methods with only natural, eco-friendly materials. Opting for a natural, eco bottle brush where possible is a sustainable choice that helps reduce the use of plastic and your carbon footprint. Plastic can take hundreds of years to biodegradable and if not recycled often ends up in landfill, when plastic does start to degrade it breaks down into microplastics which pollute the environment and can cause harm to wildlife.

At Peace With The Wild, we have the zero waste, eco-friendly solution! Shop all of our eco brands such as Bambaw, Eco Living, Loofco, Ecococonut and Soul. We even stock eco bottle brushes that are made from coconut which are biodegradable and like all our eco bottle brushes are completely chemical free and non-toxic. Eco bottle brushes are the perfect addition to your eco drinking bottle, reusable glass water bottle or even reusable glass coffee cup. They can even be used for cleaning eco baby bottles. Clean the eco, sustainable and plastic free way with an eco bottle brush!

Eco Bottle Brushes That Are Plastic Free

Discover our range of eco bottles brushes that are made with sustainable, natural materials that are 100% plastic free. Eco bottle brushes are effective at cleaning hard to reach areas of your eco drinking bottle. Supplied in plastic-free, eco-friendly  packaging that can be recycled or reused. Shop eco brands such as Eco Living, Bambaw, Loofco and more. Use a natural, eco bottle brush for plastic free cleaning that is kind to our planet.

7 products

Products (7)