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All coffee lovers can't be convinced that there's a better smell than fresh coffee early in the morning. Coffee is an excellent beverage to wake up to and a good pick-me-up at four o'clock when you're at your wit's end and wondering whether you have to make rent this month. However, have you ever wondered whether your coffee is vegan or eco-friendly? At Peace With The Wild, we offer you coffee varieties that not only serve the purpose you need of coffee but also are packaged in an eco-friendly manner. The coffee brands are also ethically made, so you don't have to worry about others being treated unfairly for you to get your morning drink.

The issue of vegan coffee may seem absurd because coffee comes from a plant. However, it's a little more complicated than that. When following a vegan diet, you tend to care for the well-being of animals and other humans who enable you to get your meal on the table. The most vegan coffee is black coffee. Once you don't add refined sugar and milk, then you're consuming a vegan beverage. However, is that eco-friendly? According to the British Coffee Association, the world consumes around 95 million cups of coffee daily. If everyone consumes coffee packaged in plastic or any other material that isn't recyclable, this contributes to more pollution of our already polluted planet.

While others prefer to take instant coffee that doesn't require much work, we understand that some people prefer to make a fuss about their coffee-drinking habits. Here, we offer you all you'll need to make yourself a cup or more coffee whilst ensuring you don't harm the environment. You can find compostable coffee filters, reusable coffee filters, wooden or stainless steel coffee scoops, and instant coffee in reusable glass jars here. Buying coffee packaged in eco-friendly ways allows you to enjoy your beverage and not further pollute the environment. The types of coffee you'll find here are also sustainable, support fair trade for farmers, and ensure that coffee beans are produced in ways that don't harm the environment. This means the lack of use of pesticides or any other chemicals that will not only harm the soil's ecosystem but also seep into your coffee beans.

Vegan coffee sourced ethically and sustainably.

Get yourself vegan coffee that is a fair trade for the farmers and doesn't harm any animals and humans in the process here at Peace With The Wild. The coffee you'll find here is only packaged with recyclable material and is plastic free. Those not packaged in recyclable material are put in materials that can biodegrade. These kinds of coffee prevent you from harming the environment or producing high pollution. You can still enjoy your daily coffee without posing harm to your environment and other animals sharing this space with us. No farmers will be treated unfairly in making your favourite coffee, whether instant or not.

46 products

Products (46)