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Baby skin is much more prone to issues such as dryness and irritation as it's not yet fully developed. Compared to an adult's skin, baby skin is around four times thinner, thus allowing a lot of absorption through the skin. You should therefore be careful what you apply to your baby's skin. Natural and organic skincare products are much more soothing to the baby's skin. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, it makes sense to take care of your baby's skin lovingly by only applying products that will promote its health and prevent irritation. Once you take care of your baby's skin well, it is less likely to suffer from skin irritation and itchiness. When a baby doesn't suffer, it is less frustrating for the mama or caregiver too.

If your baby's skin is dry, you can use organic baby balms to improve moisture retention as they lock in the moisture and prevent further dryness that causes redness and itchiness. Babies also suffer from nappy rash from time to time. If you have an organic baby balm, it will help relieve these symptoms and leave your baby feeling fresh and less irritated. They will also stop being grumpy. These balms and butter for babies at Peace With The Wild, also come in eco-friendly packaging that is recyclable making it sustainable and good for the environment. You can also find natural soaps with natural ingredients that will promote the well-being of your little one. These natural baby products are not only good for the baby but also environmentally friendly. They contain ingredients that won't cause harm to the environment but work harmoniously with the planet to prevent more harm than most are already imposing on it.

You can even find items such as wooden baby combs and bamboo cotton swabs. These items are created using natural products from the environment which biodegrade. The cotton swabs are made of natural organic cotton and organic bamboo. These don't contribute to landfills full of plastic cotton swabs. The method of creating these items is also cruelty-free. The wooden comb also degrades naturally, which means it's better than plastic combs which contribute to landfills full of plastic harming the environment. By choosing eco-friendly items for your baby, you will not only be prioritising chemical-free items for your child's health but also better for the environment. Using chemical-free, organic, and biodegradable items, we are promoting sustainability. These items can only be created when we live harmoniously with the environment. Organic and chemical-free items don't need to use pesticides or any harmful methods to derive these items which are better for our planet and us.

Sustainable and natural baby skincare

You can choose natural baby skincare items at Peace With The Wild. We have a wide range of eco-friendly items for your baby that will not only promote their well-being, but also that of the environment. These items are created using natural products which aren't sourced in ways that harm the environment. Since these brands understand that your baby's skin is vulnerable to chemicals, they're made exclusively for babies and chemical-free because they understand that your baby's health comes first. From soaps to balms, to cotton swabs and wooden combs, you can find anything you need to nourish your baby's skin. If you have a skincare routine for them, you will have everything to add to that. There is even baby sunscreen for days when you sunbathe or take your baby to the beach.

26 products

Products (26)