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Eco Friendly Garden Kits That Are Kind To Our Planet

Eco friendly garden kits are a great way of making gardening fun and also a learning experience! Eco friendly garden kits are not just suitable for outside activities they can also be used inside as well.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock a wonderful selection of eco friendly garden kits that encourage you to go outside and enjoy being that bit closer to nature. With natural herb growing kits and native wildflower growing kits there really is something for everyone and for all ages!

Using sustainable, eco friendly garden kits can be a rewarding experience as you can learn as well as see and enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Seedball Italian herb kitchen kit is perfect for anyone who loves to use Italian herbs in their cooking, simply grow with the organic seeds and watch the plastic free pods flourish with green, luscious herbs. A far more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to pre packaged herbs!

Did you know gardening is amazing for your health! Some studies have found that spending time outside gardening can relieve stress as well as improve immunity, heart health and brain health. Some of our natural, eco friendly garden kits even help encourage local wildlife, such as pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden.

Transform your windowsill or garden into a treasured space with plants or herbs. Shop sustainable brands Seedball and Spring & Sprout, and discover the perfect natural, vegan, eco friendly garden kit for you!

Eco Friendly Garden Kits That Are Sustainable

Discover our range of eco-friendly garden kits that are made with natural, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Transform your garden into an eco friendly paradise, connect with nature, and grow plants and herbs the natural way! Shop eco brands Seedball, and Sprig & Sprout with their natural herb growing kits. Shop eco friendly garden kits made with you and our planet in mind, supplied in plastic free and eco-friendly packaging!

20 products

Products (20)