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Vegan Toothpaste That Is Made With Organic & Natural Ingredients

Vegan toothpaste is great! Especially when it is made with organic, natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free and chemical free ingredients. Natural, vegan toothpaste is an essential part of everyone's natural dental care routine and is something we all use daily. That is why it is important that we choose a vegan toothpaste that is full of kind, gentle but effective natural ingredients.

Did you know? Around 7000 years ago, the Ancient Egyptians made toothpaste from the ashes of ox hooves, powdered egg shells, pumpice, and myrrh. Not to flavoursome or effective, the Greeks and then the Romans bettered the recipes by adding in crushed bones and powdered oyster shells. By the 9th Century AD, the Iraqi’s were using toothpaste that was supposedly “functional and pleasant to taste” yet little is known about what exactly was in it. In Japan, by 1969, both powders and pastes were used to clean teeth and it often came packaged in a little rectangular box. At Peace With The Wild our natural toothpowders and vegan toothpastes come in plastic-free glass jars or in a zero waste, recyclable brown box.

In the 19th Century, the Brits were using tooth powders that included powdered brick, chalk, and salt and by the mid 1800s, they had started introducing charcoal into the mix as well. Other ingredients that were used included dragons blood (a type of resin), cinnamon, burned alum, and even breadcrumbs. Thankfully, by the 1900s, a paste made of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide was being used with toothbrushes . By 1908 the first tube of commercial toothpaste was on the market after 17 years of tests, development and clinical trials.

Fluoride then started being added into the mix due to its ability to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay but in the 1980s fluoride replacements known as biomimetic hydroxyapatite which repairs tooth enamel.

Today, not everyone wants to use commercial toothpaste that comes in plastic tubes using plastic and aluminium plastic composite. Whilst they are are recyclable, they are hard to recycle and often go into general waste meaning they ultimately end up in the environment. Once there, they take decades and even centuries to break down; so they are not the most eco friendly option that is available.

At Peace With The Wild we have brought together a selection of natural and vegan toothpastes including natural, plastic free toothpaste tablets- some with fluoride and some without fluoride, to suit your needs. We also have natural toothpowders if you prefer a different eco approach to brushing. Rest assured we have you covered when it comes to finding the perfect eco, natural, chemical free, vegan toothpaste that also comes in 100% plastic-free, zero waste packaging.

Natural & Vegan Toothpaste That Will Treat Your Teeth & Our Planet

Discover our range of natural and vegan toothpastes that are made with natural, vegan, cruelty free, organic ingredients. Our vegan toothpaste is also chemical free which means that it is not only kinder to your teeth, gums and mouth; it also kinder to the environment around you. Our natural and vegan toothpaste comes in either zero waste glass jars or in a recyclable box all supplied in plastic-free, eco, zero waste packaging! You can shop from our eco, natural, vegan toothpaste brands such as Georganics, Truthpaste, Hydrophil and Planet Detox all with the same eco, natural, vegan and zero waste ethos. Usually found in a paste or gel format, natural and vegan toothpaste is used to promote oral hygiene and to aid in the removal of plaque and food whilst helping to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Around 7000 years ago, the Ancient Egyptians made toothpaste from...

57 products

Products (57)