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Just because you prefer a plant-based diet or are lactose intolerant doesn't mean you have no right to have chocolate. In the past, chocolate was inherently purely plant-based when the Mesoamericans initially created it. This was the origin since it's where cacao naturally grew near the equator. The classic Mexican chocolate was made by roasting ground cacao beans and sugar. But once the Europeans landed in Mesoamerica, they, too, found chocolate and brought it back in their voyages. During this exact time in history, chocolate stopped being vegan because it deviated from its original recipe. Chocolate processing stopped being so pure, and milk was added to the recipe. Currently, most types of chocolate are vegetarian but not vegan.

In a world filled with milk chocolate, finding vegan chocolate made in a factory that doesn't process animal products can be a little hard, and that's where we, Peace With The Wild, come into play. We offer you all types of vegan, flavoured chocolate for your enjoyment. We understand that some people don't consume products made in the same factory that produces or processes animal products due to allergies. Vegan chocolate is a good option because it lacks animal products and certain fillers primarily used in making cheap chocolate, like food starch, and additives (like artificial flavours). Using these ingredients doesn't make the chocolate non-vegan but instead fills it up with low-quality ingredients that don't allow the chocolate to taste as rich as it should. Here, you'll find vegan chocolate with high-quality sourced ingredients to ensure you get to enjoy good chocolate with the best flavours.

You'll find chocolates with almonds, dried fruit, or mint if you love chocolate rich in more ingredients. These options allow you to enjoy chocolate fully with your favourite additions. You can also find that option if you prefer chocolate that doesn't contain added sugars. As someone who is allergic, intolerant, or on a plant-based diet, you can find an option for you and your baby here. You can get your playful child a ToyChoc box which allows them to collect cardboard animals while still enjoying their delicious vegan chocolates.

Plant-based chocolate

Choose your favourite flavour from an array of vegan chocolates for you and your little ones. Consuming ethical foods can be restricting, giving you a lot of work when looking for vegan items, but look no further. At Peace With The Wild, we care about the environment's well-being, so we put all eco-friendly items in one place for you. You can find chocolate from vegan brands that you'll love here, and you no longer have to worry about finding your family their favourite vegan treat. These chocolates are palm-oil-free, plastic-free, 100% slave-free, and dairy-free, and you can even find gluten-free and free from refined sugar. All these options are available to you here. You no longer have to consume chocolate from plastic packaging, nor do you have to avoid it because it contains animal products.

90 products

Products (90)