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Vitamins are a great source of nutrients we could miss in our diets. In no way do vitamins replace food, but they're to be taken to enhance your health. The purpose of vitamins is to fill nutritional gaps and provide healthful nutrients you can find in food. Of course, vitamins can’t offer flavour or even enjoyment of foods, but they can help you meet those nutrient needs you don't have in your diet. If you're following a plant-based diet, certain minerals and nutrients can be hard to gain from plants. Our bodies don't get certain nutrients from plants as well as they do from meat. So, having vegan vitamins helps you get a particular nutrient so that the body can easily absorb and use it to its advantage.

Vegan vitamins find all the proper nutrients that your body can't easily get in a plant-based diet and put these together for you. Most vegans have insufficient vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D3, calcium, iodine, and zinc. But when you take these cruelty-free vitamins you can find at Peace With The Wild; you won't suffer from such issues. You can get yourself multivitamins or choose specific vitamins your body doesn't have. Most people discover their deficiencies by going to a doctor and getting tested. You should get tested to see if any vitamins are lacking, especially if you're on a diet that excludes some foods. If you're okay and don't have insufficient nutrients, you could take multivitamins as a preventative measure.

Eco-friendly vegan vitamins

Pick a vitamin you need here at Peace With The Wild. We have vegan-friendly vitamins which are cruelty-free and plastic free. These vitamins are formulated by scientists who know what vegans require and are vegan-certified.

7 products

Products (7)