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How Your Skin Benefits With Natural Moisturisers

Plastic-free, natural moisturisers don't just benefit the planet and help combat plastic pollution, they also make your skin feel great due to their natural moisturising ingredients can help to keep skin smooth, clear, and wrinkle-free. Not convinced? 

This section is all about why you should moisturise, how you should moisturise, and what ingredients and products you should use to take optimum care of your skin, whatever your skin type.

But first, why should you use natural moisturisers? 

Moisturising with a natural moisturiser can reduce blemishes. By ensuring your skin stays moisturised, you can even out the colour of any existing blemishes as well as keeping them supple and avoiding any unsightly flaking.

Moisturising with a natural moisturiser keeps your skin looking young. The skin around your face, ears, neck, and chest are some of the most delicate bits of skin on your body. The cells here replace themselves more often than anywhere else, meaning that these areas also become more vulnerable to the elements and other environmental effects. Keeping this skin moisturised gives it the boost it needs to repair itself and stay healthy, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Moisturising with a natural moisturiser keeps wrinkles at bay. Speaking of fine lines and wrinkles, slapping on moisturiser at the end of each day, and in the morning will keep your visage looking and feeling plump and hydrated. According to research, those that moisturise their skin regularly accumulate wrinkles at a much slower pace than those that do not.

Moisturising with a natural moisturiser is a great way to enjoy natural, organic ingredients. Most of what we put onto our skin gets absorbed into our bodies - that is why it is important to always pick your skincare products carefully, paying particular attention to what is inside them. Always opt for natural ingredients that are organic, meaning they have been grown and cultivated without the use of any potentially harmful pesticides. When you look at the ingredients list of your moisturiser, think to yourself “would I be comfortable eating that?”- if the answer is no, don’t put it on your skin.

Nourish Your Skin With Vegan-Friendly, Natural Moisturisers

Discover our range of natural moisturisers, handmade using organic, vegan-friendly ingredients, to nourish skin and combat signs of ageing. Supplied in eco-friendly and plastic free packaging. Natural Moisturisers are a daily essential when it comes to a healthy skincare routine...

85 products

Products (85)