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Plastic-Free Chocolate & Vegan Sweets Made With Ethical Ingredients

Plastic-free chocolate and vegan sweets are a wonderful alternative to commercial and conventional sweet treats.

When it comes to the use and waste of single-use plastics, confectionery is a prime example and a significant offender. This is because nearly all confectionery that is manufactured and sold commercially is packaged in single-use plastic wrappers or bags.

While some can be recycled, the majority of confectionery packaging can not due to being made from a mix of materials such plastics and aluminium.

At Peace With The Wild we have an eco-friendly, zero waste solution! All our plastic-free chocolate and vegan sweets are supplied in paper bags which are recyclable, compostable and yes you guessed it plastic free! They are also made ethically and sustainably.

As well as a selection of plastic-free chocolate that is suitable for vegetarians, we also stock vegan sweets which do not contain any gelatine unlike commercial options and instead are completely plant-based.

Shop a delicious, sweet and tasty range of chocolate peanuts, raisins, almonds, mulberries and buttons. We even have an organic selection of organic raw cacao nibs and organic cocoa powder which is perfect for baking or making your own rich, velvety and smooth hot chocolate. If plastic-free chocolate is not your thing you can always try our tangy and fabulously fizzy vegan sweets that are also delivered 100% plastic-free!

Plastic-Free Chocolate & Vegan Sweets That Are Sustainable

Discover our range of plastic-free chocolate and vegan sweets that are all made with natural, vegan, organic and ethical ingredients! All our plastic-free chocolate and vegan sweets are supplied in eco, plastic-free paper bags that are recyclable and compostable. Shop organic cacao nibs to fizzy vegan sweets! Enjoy plastic-free chocolate and vegan sweets the guilt-free and sustainable way.

8 products

Products (8)