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Natural Deodorants That Really Work The Plastic-Free Way

Personal care products and particularly those relating to hygiene are considered some of the most daunting to swap out because this unknown territory can require that you ‘detox’, get used to sweating again, and find the right natural deodorant for you.

If you have been a slave to antiperspirant for years, it can be difficult to become accustomed to having moisture under your arms again, but trust us natural deodorants are worth it.

Unlike environmentally friendly, natural deodorants that are made with skin loving, natural, organic, vegan ingredients the main ingredient that prevents sweating in commercial antiperspirants is aluminium which a number of studies have concluded, is not great for your health. Aluminium works by blocking your pores and stopping them from secreting sweat- a by-product of your body that consists of toxins and salts. This plugging of your pores can not only have negative health implications by preventing a natural bodily function, but it can result in unsightly and unpleasant spots, rashes, and irritation of the sensitive underarm area.

Environmentally friendly, natural deodorants don’t contain aluminium, therefore they allow your body to sweat out the toxins and moisture whilst instead focusing on neutralising any potential odours that may occur. Many of the natural, vegan and organic ingredients in these natural deodorants are actually good for you such as organic shea butter, vegan olive oil, natural minerals, and essential oils. These luscious natural ingredients, especially when organic and vegan, actually improve the condition of your armpits leaving them smooth, soft, and smelling fresh.

Some people find that making the switch from commercial to natural deodorant can require a transition period, others say that if you find the right natural deodorant for you, this detox is not required. Either way, you need to understand that your hygiene habits, what you eat, stress levels, and how much exercise you do will all impact how much you sweat, and whether that sweat smells or not.

When transitioning and using an environmentally friendly, plastic-free, natural deodorant, getting used to sweating again can take a bit of time to get used to, but it is important to remember that sweating is meant to happen and that it is a reminder of a healthy, balanced body.

If you decide to switch to natural deodorant that is environmentally friendly and plastic-free, don’t give up at the first hurdle. Be aware that it might take you up to 30 days to fully transition, but once you have done it, you will never look back! You will also be helping save our planet with your more ethical, plastic-free, eco-friendly, vegan, and natural deodorant! Environmentally friendly and zero waste living never smelt so good (eco)!

Natural Deodorants That Are Environmentally Friendly

Discover our range of natural deodorants that are not only kind to your skin but also environmentally friendly. We have a collection of natural deodorant sticks, plastic-free bars, natural deodorant in tins and also vegan, natural crystal deodorant all made with eco, natural ingredients that are all supplied in plastic free packaging. Whether you are just starting your journey into eco, non-toxic living, or have been treading this path for a while, switching to a natural deodorant is an essential step...

113 products

Products (113)