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Stay Fresh With A Natural Deodorant Glass Jar

A natural deodorant is an everyday essential and perfect for keeping you fresh and odour free throughout the day! At Peace With The Wild, we stock a wonderful selection of natural deodorant glass jars by eco-friendly brands such as The Natural Deodorant Co, Fat & The Moon, and Awake Organics.

Natural deodorant glass jars are perfect, environmentally friendly alternatives to commercial, plastic and aluminium deodorants. They come in a cream and balm form which is easy to apply and can be done with your fingers. The balm and creams are whipped for a light texture that is smooth and soft on the skin. Say goodbye to skin damaging aerosols?

Natural deodorant glass jars are made with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin. Whereas commercial deodorants are made with aluminium which prevents sweating. Aluminium works by blocking your pores and stopping them from secreting sweat - which is a by-product of your body that consists of toxins and salts. This plugging of your pores can not only have negative health implications by preventing a natural bodily function, but it can result in unsightly and unpleasant spots, rashes, and irritation of the sensitive underarm area.

In order for an ethical, sustainable and natural deodorant to be effective they are made with 100% natural ingredients such as magnesium oxide, shea butter, coconut oil and many other luscious oils and essential oils that care for your skin, are naturally anti-bacterial, and leave skin smelling delightful.

There may be a transition period when switching to natural deodorant glass jars, which may last for 30 days but once this stage has passed, you will never look back! You will also be helping save our planet with your more environmentally friendly, sustainable, natural deodorant glass jar!

Natural Deodorant Glass Jars That Are Eco Friendly

Discover our range of natural deodorant glass jars that are made with eco and natural ingredients. Natural deodorant glass jars are amazing environmentally friendly alternatives, they are recyclable and can even be reused. All our natural deodorant glass jars are ethically and sustainably made, and supplied in eco packaging that is kind to our planet. An eco-friendly, natural skincare essential that helps reduce the use of single-use plastic!

19 products

Products (19)