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The Amazing Benefits Of Using An Organic Body Butter

Organic body butters are an essential when it comes to a natural skincare routine as they have the ability to sooth, nourish, moisturise and hydrate the skin. Ideally you should be using an organic body butter daily in order to maintain a beautiful all over body complexion.

Natural, vegan and organic body butters have some amazing benefits and uses, so we thought we would let you know about them!

Organic body butters can be used as an all over body moisturiser. With broad strokes massage natural, vegan, organic body butter on to your skin, ideally after your have been in the shower or bath when your skin will be ready to absorb the wonderful organic nutrients.

Organic body butters can be used on your hair as a conditioner, especially if you hair is dry! Just run a light amount through your locks using your warm hands and then rinse with warm water, simple.

Face creams are designed for your face which means your neckline and other upper body areas can get neglected. So a great tip is to use your natural, vegan, organic body butter to provide nourishment to these areas that are in need.

An area of our body prone for dryness is our elbows and knees. Apply a bit of eco, natural, organic body butter to theses areas and wait for your skin to be plump and revitalised.

Another amazing use for your organic body butter is to massage onto the skin post shave! Applying a layer of moisturising, natural, organic body butter to your  skin after you have shaved will prevent shaving irritation, keep your skin smooth and keep it hydrated!

Those are just some of the amazing benefits and uses for eco, vegan, natural, organic body butters but there are many more. At Peace With The Wild you can shop our eco friendly range of plastic free, natural, vegan and organic body butters and browse our eco blog section to find out about all the wonderful benefits you can enjoy from organic body butters and maintaining a natural skincare routine.

Nourish & Revitalise Your Skin With Natural & Organic Body Butters

Discover our range of eco, organic body butters made with natural, vegan, cruelty free, organic ingredients. Supplied in plastic free, eco-friendly packaging our range of organic body butters are not only kind to your skin but also our planet. Organic body butters are an essential when it comes a natural skincare routine, high in nutritious vitamins natural, organic body butters help improve skin health and complexion. Available in eco glass jars, plastic free tins, solid bars and eco-friendly, recyclable paper tubs. At Peace With The Wild we stock a great range of natural and organic body butters that have been handpicked by us for their eco, natural, organic and vegan properties.

25 products

Products (25)