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Eco Makeup Bags That Are Sustainable

Eco makeup bags are useful, versatile and provide convenience when it comes to your natural, vegan makeup routine. Ideal for keeping all your vegan makeup products in one place! They are also particularly helpful if you are travelling, just simple put all of your vegan makeup products in your eco makeup bag, and pop it in your luggage. This prevents leakages, spills and all of your natural, vegan makeup products moving around.

The uses do not just stop at natural, vegan makeup. Eco makeup bags can be used as a zero waste shaving bag to store your reusable safety razor and other zero waste shaving accessories. They can also be used as a natural haircare bag to store your environmentally friendly hair brushes, natural hair combs, eco hair ties and more.

Eco makeup bags are also kinder to our planet! Commercial options are usually made of plastic and use materials that are sourced unethically. Did you know in most cases plastic cannot be recycled and ends up going to landfill or the environment around us. Plastic is one of the world's biggest polluters, so if we can choose a more eco friendly, natural, sustainable, plastic free option it won't just benefit us, but also our planet, our oceans and wildlife too.

Unlike eco makeup bags, ones that are made of plastic takes hundreds of years to biodegrade and when plastic does it breaks down into microplastics which can be harmful. But there is an eco solution!

At Peace With The Wild, we have hand-picked a eco friendly, ethical, sustainable selection of eco makeup bags that are all made from organic or natural cotton. They are also available in a range of natural, colourful designs that add a touch of vibrancy and fun to your natural, vegan makeup routine.

Eco Makeup Bags In Natural Cotton

Discover our range of eco makeup bags that are made out of organic or natural cotton, and sustainable materials that have been ethically sourced. They are also all supplied in plastic free, eco friendly packaging that can be recycled! Eco makeup bags are an essential when it comes to taking care of your natural, vegan makeup products, keeping them organised and ready to go. Shop eco makeup bags from sustainable brands such as UpCircle, Lani, Keep Leaf and Rugged Nature.

9 products

Products (9)